After a busy Winter/Spring of DisruptHR events around the world, we’re in a bit of a summer rest period – for the next two weeks – before events start back in full swing for the Late Summer/Fall/Winter seasons.

As of today(July 17, 2017), there are 38 events scheduled between before the end of 2017, with more events added practically every week, so there will undoubtedly be more!

Have you dreamed of speaking at a DisruptHR event?

With so many upcoming events, there are literally hundreds of opportunities to speak – in a city near you, or in cities and communities around the world.

Do you have something to say about employment, work, the future of work, human resources, recruiting, etc.?

Do you want to challenge yourself to get your idea, innovation, proposal, new way of thinking, into a five minute talk, with 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds?

Have you always wanted to get a video of you speaking, and sharing your message with the world, so you could share it on your website, your LinkedIn profile, with your network, etc.?


There are currently 29 DisruptHR communities with scheduled events that are actively accepting speaker applications.

These aren’t paid opportunities, but you’ll have have a chance to share your message (in 5 minutes), meet some cool people, have some fun, share a festive beverage or two – and a video of your talk will be shared with you (and with the world) shortly after the event.

So, if you’re game, have something to say, and can craft a great (short) pitch for your idea, submit an application to speak at your favorite city’s event!

Upcoming Events & Speaker Application Deadlines:

Sydney, Australia – July 28, 2017
Des Moines, IA – July 31, 2017
Detroit, MI – July 31, 2017
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN – July 31, 2017
Buffalo, NY – August 1, 2017
Dallas, TX – August 1, 2017
Indianapolis, IN – August 1, 2017
London, Ontario – August 1, 2017
New York, NY – August 1, 2017
Oklahoma City, OK – August 1, 2017
Charlotte, NC – August 4, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT – August 4, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario – August 7, 2017
Kingston, Ontario – August 10, 2017
Westchester County, NY – August 12, 2017
Milwaukee, WI – August 15, 2017
Fargo, ND – August 18, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA – August 18, 2018
Victoria, BC – August 18, 2017
Orlando, FL – August 19, 2017
Manhattan, KS – August 30, 2017
Vienna, Austria – August 31, 2017
Dublin, Ireland – August 31, 2017
Raleigh-Durham, NC – September 1, 2017
St. Louis, MO – September 1, 2017
Cincinnati, OH – September 6, 2017
Hampton Roads, VA – September 30, 2017
Sioux Falls, SD – March 3, 2018
London, England – Always Open

To submit an application, click on the page for the city you’re interested in applying to, then click on the “Submit Your Idea” button on that city’s page.

Want to check out some previous DisruptHR Talks?

We have over 1,100 5-minute talks online, and you can find them all HERE (listed in order of popularity)!

DisruptHR Madison live

Is it one of your life-long dreams to attend a DisruptHR event, but you haven’t had the chance to do so yet?

Well, dreams do come true!

Thanks to the hard work of DisruptHR Madison organizers – Coreyne Woodman-Holoubek (VP & Co-Owner of The Apu Group), and Laura Gmeinder – Workplace Strategist at Laura Gmeinder Coaching & Consulting, LLC – #DisruptHRMSN is sure to be an educational and entertaining evening.

Watch DisruptHR Madison via live-stream:

DisruptHR Madison will be held on Thursday, June 23, 2016 beginning at 6:00 p.m. CST and will be live-streamed via Hinkley Productions. So you can watch from anywhere in the world – right HERE!

Donation opportunity:

The DisruptHR Madison community has chosen to support the care of animals at the Henry Villas Zoo with any proceeds from their event, and have also made the opportunity available to anyone who would like to donate in honor of #DisruptHRMSN via this link.

What a great way to give back!

Speakers include:

– Rebecca Ryan – Owner, NEXT Generation Consulting, Inc.

– Sarah Brennan – CEO, Accelir

– Laura Gmeinder – Owner, Laura Gmeinder Coaching and Consulting LLC

– Bruce Holoubek – Co-Founder and CEO, The Apu Group

– Heather Wentler – Executive Director and Co-founder, Doyenne Group

– John Mattek – Executive Director and Founder, Shining Star Christian Schools

– Paul James Mattek – Owner / Lead Designer, Design Fugitives

– Peter Vedro – Founder, PJV Leadership Group

– Tina Hallis – Founder/Owner, The Positive Edge

– Jillana Peterson – Corporate Social Responsibility, Zendesk

Emcee for the evening: Nolan Brown – National Key Account Manager, Spectrum Brands

You can find full speaker bios, titles of their talks, and contact details right here.

Sponsors of DisruptHR Madison:

6am Marketing

Cornerstone On Demand

High Noon Saloon

Hinkley Productions

Watch the live-stream of DisruptHR Madison!

DisruptHR Cayman

Is it one of your life-long dreams to attend a DisruptHR event, but you haven’t had the chance to do so yet?

Well, dreams do come true!

DisruptHR Cayman will be held on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 beginning at 7:00 p.m. EST and will be live-streamed via Cayman Life TV! (EST is different than EDT – so check the current local Cayman time here)!

Thanks to the efforts of DisruptHR Cayman organizer – Chris Bailey – and a partnership with the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals (CISHRP), #DisruptHRCayman is sure to be a fun and – dare we say – disruptive evening.

Several DisruptHR speaker alums are in the lineup, and there’s a high probability of shenanigans (and learning too). 🙂

DisruptHR Cayman Speakers include:

Kris Dunn – CHRO & Partner at Kinetix (@kris_dunn)
Joy Baldridge – President & Founder of Baldridge Seminars International (@joybaldridge)
Samantha Nehra – Business Coach at Shirlaws (Cayman) Ltd (@SamanthaNehra)
Carmen Hudson – Principal Consultant at Recruiting Toolbox
Virginia Czarnocki – Performance Coach at WB Financial & Consulting (Cayman) Services Limited
Dr. Graeme Close – Sports Nutrition Consultant at Close Nutrition (@close_nutrition)
Marzeta Bodden – Founder and Lead Guide at Cayman Food Tours (@MarzetaBodden)
Kobi Dorenbush
Tim Sackett – President of HRU Technical Resources (@TimSackett)
Tara Tvedt – GALLUP® Certified Strengths Coach at SquarePeg Ltd.
Dawn Hrdlica-Burke – VP of People at DAXKO (@DawnHBurke)
Jennifer McClure – CEO of DisruptHR LLC & President of Unbridled Talent LLC (@JenniferMcClure)
William Tincup – CEO of Tincup & Co. (@williamtincup)

Watch the live-stream of DisruptHR Cayman here!