Top 5 Most Viewed DisruptHR Videos: September 24 ‰ÛÒ September 30, 2017

We want to make sure more people are able to hear and see the great ideas that are being shared at DisruptHR events around the world, so each week, we‰Ûªll post the 5 most popular videos from the week before.

Top DisruptHR Videos ‰ÛÒ Week 39/2017

1.åÊBrad Lutz / @BKL246 – President of Acuity HR Solutions

“How To Be A Crappy HR Professional” /åÊDisruptHR Winnipeg 2.0

2.åÊJane WatsonåÊ/ @JSarahWatsHR – Head of People at

“Scandals & Sociopaths: Is HR The Answer?” /åÊDisruptHR Toronto 4.0

3.åÊKris McGuiganåÊ/ @Pro_Courage – Resume Writer & Career Advisor at Professional Courage, LLC

“Swap Metrics For Mindset” /åÊDisruptHR Cleveland 7.0

4. åÊEd NathansonåÊ/åÊ@EdNathansonåÊ-åÊ Founder of Red Pill Talent

“Love The One Your With (How Learning Is Your Best Recruiting & Retention Tool)” / DisruptHR Boston 2.0

5.åÊGrace Marshall / @GraceMarshall – Productivity Ninja at Think Productive

“The Four Letter Word That’s Killing Our Productivity” /åÊDisruptHR London 4.0

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