Top 5 Most Viewed DisruptHR Videos: October 8 – October 14, 2017

We want to make sure more people are able to hear and see the great ideas that are being shared at DisruptHR events around the world, so each week, we’ll post the 5 most popular videos from the week before.

Top DisruptHR Videos – Week 41/2017

1. Dr. Richard Coughlan / @R_Coughlan – Associate Professor of Management at University of Richmond

“The Heart Of Accountability: From Messy To Marvelous” / DisruptHR Richmond 1.0

2. Shiah Bazeley – Director of Human Resources at Vega

“Self-Care For HR Professionals” / DisruptHR Vancouver 3.0

3. Halleemah Nash / @halleemah – Executive Director & Mentor at i-Mentor

“Straight Outta Compton: What Dr. Dre Knows About Talent” / DisruptHR Chicago 4.0

4. Jeff Smith / @JeffCYO – COO at Mobify & Author at

“Disrupting The Development Plan” / DisruptHR Vancouver 6.0

5. Jason Seiden / @seiden – Co-Founder & Executive Board Member at Brand Amper

“Branded Storytelling: How To Safely Turn Over Employer Branding To Employees” / DisruptHR Chicago 4.0

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