Top 5 Most Viewed DisruptHR Videos: December 18 – 24, 2023

We want to make sure more people are able to hear and see the great ideas that are being shared at DisruptHR events around the world, so each week, we’ll post the 5 most popular videos from the week before.

Top DisruptHR Videos – Week 52/2023

“They Make a Dollar. I Make a Dime. That’s Why I Poop on Company Time.” / DisruptHR Edmonton 10.0


“Sorry, HR. You Don’t Get Any Friends At Work.” / DisruptHR Zurich 3.0


  • 3. Nora Burns / @NoraBurns – Leadership & Workplace Culture Keynote Speaker, Coach, Consultant at The Leadership Experts

“Backstage Pass: Behind the Breakroom Door by Nora Burns” / DisruptHR Boise 3.0


  • 4. Jillian Lawrance – Owner, Holistic Marketing Coach at Jillian Lawrence Inc.

“Like It or Not: You Are a Narcissist” / DisruptHR Victoria 5.0


  • 5. Sandi Piatz – Chief Marketing Officer at Advantage Payment Services

“Workism: Working to Live or Living to Work?” / DisruptHR Fargo-Moorhead 7.0


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