Top 5 Most Viewed DisruptHR Videos: August 13 – August 19, 2017

We want to make sure more people are able to hear and see the great ideas that are being shared at DisruptHR events around the world, so each week, we’ll post the 5 most popular videos from the week before.

Top DisruptHR Videos – Week 32/2017

1.  Elena Valentine / @Elena_Valentin – CEO & Co-Founder at Skill Scout

“Your Jobs Are Dynamic. Your Job Postings Are Lame” / DisruptHR Chicago 1.0

2. Greg Roche / @gregsroche – Director of Compensation and Benefits at Optiv Inc

“Idea Sex in Talent Management” / DisruptHR Denver 3.0

3. Leanne Hughes / @leannehughes – Organisational Development Specialist

“How One Switch Can Improve Your Nine-to-Five” / DisruptHR Brisbane 1.0

4.  Nora Burns / @noraburns – Founder & Chief Information Sharer at HR-Undercover

“Zero Tolerance: Poor Phrasing Or Bad Math?” / DisruptHR Madison 2.0

5. Ashley Vella – HR Business Partner at Amazon

“The Limit Does Not Exist – HR Lessons From The Movie Mean Girls” / DisruptHR Vancouver 5.0

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