Meet The Disruptors: Jean-Francois Bordeleau of DisruptRH Montreal

Who are the people that are taking the lead in disrupting the future of work?

They’re the official Disruptors (Organizers) of DisruptHR events held in cities around the world. Each week, we’ll introduce you to one of these intelligent, inspiring, and beautiful people (okay, pick two) who have stepped up, and volunteered to organize a Disrupt HR event in their city.

Jean-Francois Bordeleau of DisruptRH Montreal (Disruptor #84)

LinkedIn – Jean-Francois Bordeleau

Twitter – @JFBordeleau

Who are you, and what do you do in your “day job”?

I’m a Partner – Senior consultant at Meritek GCH/HCM

How did you first hear about DisruptHR?

One of our associates saw the Toronto event and brought the idea to look into being a part of the Montreal organization.

Why did you decide to raise your hand and become an organizer for DisruptRH events in Montreal?

As a new company, we wanted to position ourselves differently from existing businesses in our area, and the ‘Disrupt’ term was well aligned with how we see the way HR business needs to reinvent itself!

How many events have you organized?

Our first event was in October 2016, with a sold out location of 125 participants. Our 2nd event is coming out May 24, 2017 and we’re looking forward to it being sold out again!

What types of people/industries have attended your events?

Mostly HR resources, consultants, and practitioners, with some influential people in the industry in Montreal.

What are you most proud of that has come out of being involved with/organizing DisruptHR events?

Bringing people together… breaking the existing circles of network and making the experts share more together, as well as bringing new ideas and concepts to our HR local community so they can see what’s new, what’s coming to break the walls of what people do because they do it for so long!

What kind of feedback have you received from those who attended prior DisruptRH Montreal events?

Some of my favorite comments we received were:

“When is the next event?”

“You brought experts and speakers we should all know, but even between speakers, we don’t know them all! You are opening my network to new point of view!’

“How do you expect me to go to bed with so many topics in my head after such an event? Thanks for such a refreshing way of keeping myself up to date to what are the new trends!”

“Can I be a speaker at your next event? I want to be part of it more then just as a participant.”

What is your favorite DisruptHR Talk, and why?

‘RH et l’économie des agents libres (HR And The Free Agents Economy) by Inda Duminica, for both her content and colorful way she delivered it.

RH Et L’économie Des Agents Libres | Inda Duminica | DisruptHR Talks from DisruptHR on Vimeo.

Based off of the Talks and conversations at your events, what do you feel are the areas with the biggest opportunity for disruption?

So much to do that all Talks could lead to some disruption. It all depends on the the agent of change and those who will accept and receive it!

What excites you or frustrates you about the future of work, your career and/or DisruptHR?

What excites me is that the near future of work, and the way to interact with each other is changing more and more, and most people are willing to change.

What frustrates me is that, as a collective, we are resistant to that change, and fall back too easily in our old shoes, as not all leaders are into such changes because this will be too disrupting to what they rely on!

People are afraid to lose their references… and this is slowing down the process of change!

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