DisruptHR Washington DC 3.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Washington (DC, USA) will be held on Thursday, May 9, 2019, at Frontpoint – Conference Center and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 3rd DisruptHR event!

Tony Zamora / @TonyDZamora — VP of HR at Ipsos

“Margaritas & Memes”

Connie Steele@conniewsteele — Marketing Consultant/Podcaster at Flywheel

“Root Cause of Pain at Work”

Michael Heller@michael_heller — CEO & Founder of iRevu

“Surprises are MEAN”

Kathleen Smith@YesItsKathleen — CMO at Cybersecjobs.com

“Community Engagement: What is it Good For”

Cameron Jones — CFO at Forward Solutions Contracting

“Stand by For Greatness”

Darlene Garcia@Darlene_Garcia — CEO & Founder of Darlene Garcia, LLC

“Dealing with Grief in the Workplace”

Ann Reiling@AnnReiling — Managing Partner at Lucas Group

“Can We Stop Talking About the War on Talent”

Dave Sandrowitz@sandrowitz — Owner & Principal Consultant at Sandraobotix

“Forget What You Love…Love What You Do”

Nate Elliot@nate_elliott — Principal at Nineteen Insights

“Create Mixed-Abilities Teams to Drive Success”

Shonali Burke@shonali — President & CEO of Shonali Burke Consulting

“What I Learned in My Year of Magical Thinking”

Katie Webber — Sr. Manager of HR at Snag

“Talent’s Use of Data”

Lars Schmidt@Lars — Founder of Amplify

“21st Century HR – We’re in the New Era of HR”

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