DisruptHR Victoria 2.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) will be held on Thursday, October 12, 2017 at St. Ann’s Academy and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their second DisruptHR event!

DisruptHR Victoria 2.0 Speakers

Clemens Rettich / @ClemensRettich –  Principal and Lead Trainer at The Great Performances Group

“The Productive Loops”

Tammy Dewar – Partner at Calliope Learning

“Get Over It!”

Dave Whittington / @davewhittington –  Partner at Calliope Learning

“Crossing the HR Minefield”

Silke Pleus –  Assistant Director, Employee Engagement & Development at BC Pension Corporation

“CHeeRleading Winning Cultures”

Noah Warder / @NoahWarder –  Head of People Operations at Sendwithus

“Candidate Experience is Your Secret Weapon for Growth”

Denise Lloyd / @EngagedHR –  CEO at Engaged HR

“Is Being “Disruptive” All Smoke and Mirrors?”

Karen Serblowski / @KarenSerblowski –  Health, Safety, Organizational Development Manager at Electrical Safety Authority

“The Men’s Leadership Crisis…Who Run This Motha?”

Lauren Welgush / @lalalaurenesque – People and Performance Manager at Bambora Inc. 

“How to Break the Rules and Not Get Caught”

Lisa Gunderson –  Dr. (aka Dr.G) at One Love Consulting

“Please Don’t Touch My Hair”

Ben Ziegler / @BenZiegler –  Conflict Management Specialist at Collaborative Journeys

“Your Conflict Advantage”

Karissa Sovdi –  HR Program & Project Manager at University of Victoria

“How to Smell a Dead Body”

Thanks to DisruptHR Victoria 2.0 Sponsors

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