DisruptHR Toronto 3.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Toronto (Ontario, Canada) will be held on December 1, 2016 at Info-Tech Innovation Center, and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their third DisruptHR event!


DisruptHR Toronto 3.0 Speakers

Roy Tran / @RoyTranHR – Executive Director of Human Resources OLG – “Stop Dating Top Talent”

Lori Pearlstein / @LoriPearlstein – Owner of PLAYWORKS – “Using Improv In The Workplace Will Transform Your Team Into More Productive, Confident, Happier Employees”

Noel Webb / @noelwebb – Director of Product Innovation at Innosphere SDG Ltd – “Cognitive HR & The AI Revolution: Is True AI Possible?”

Rob Catalano / @RobCatalano – Co-Founder of Work Tango, Inc. – “I Rate Performance Management Reviews A ‘Zero’”

Ryan Porter / @lunch_buddy – Founder & CEO of Going 180 Media Inc. – “Job Ads Are Stuck In The 90’s Doing The Macarena”

Denise Roy / @DeniseKRoy – Director of Human Resources at IndustryBuilt Software – “Fake it Until You Make It: Crushing Imposter Syndrome In Its Tracks”

Sergey Kalnish / @SergeyKalnish – Manager, Recruitment Services at Lannick – “Rethinking The Employee Probation Period”

Jason Gotwalt / @jayg-ink – Account Director at Global Corporate Challenge – “Beyond The Box Of Mental Health: Non-Direct Strategies That Break Barriers”

Jose Cabral / @JoseCabralTO – Career Consultant at Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University – “Tackling The Inter-generational Challenge: AKA What’s Up With Millennials & Gen Z?”

Sandy Buik / @SBuik – Principal at H-Cap Solutions – “Talent At The Speed Of Lycra: Lessons In Wirearchy From The Tour de France”

– Amanda Caldas –Manager, HR Research & Advisory at McLean & Company – “Neuroscience & HR”

Congratulations to DisruptHR Toronto organizers Tim Baker /@TimBakerHR (HR Consultant & Coach at Tim Baker HR), Jeff Waldman / @JeffWaldmanHR (Founder of SocialHRCamp), and Kathleen Teixeira / @KathleenToronto (Manager, Talent Acquisition at OLG), on selecting such a great group of speakers for their third sold-out event!

Thanks To DisruptHR Toronto 3.0 Sponsors

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