DisruptHR Salt Lake City 1.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Salt Lake City (Utah, USA) will be held on February 8, 2017 at Infinity Event Center, and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their first DisruptHR event!

DisruptHR Salt Lake City 1.0 Speakers

David Alsop / @InterpulseDavid – Founder & Chief Pulse Partner at Interpulse Partners, LLC – “Why Am I Wearing These Shoes And Why Are We Here?”

Nora Burns / @NoraBurns – Founder & Chief Information Sharer at HR-Undercover LLC – “You’re Not Friggin Freud – Stop Psychoanalyzing Candidates”

Ryan Houmand / @RHoumand – Development Coach at Qwerke – “The Cannon And The Target: Shifting The Talent Paradigm”

Ben Martinez / @benmartinezJ – VP of People & Culture at HireVue – “You’re Not Steve Jobs: Stop Pushing Your Lame HR Technology”

Pat Vaughn – Talent Guru – “College Olympians vs Employees: Building A High Performance Organization”

Rusty Lindquist / @RustyLindquist – VP of Thought Leadership & Product Marketing at Bamboo HR – “HR Must Reach Escape Velocity Or Die”

Blake Beard / @reyfyaculture – Owner of Reyfya – “Crypto Leadership”

Kathleen Brenk / @kkbrenk – HR Strategist at CareerWise Colorado – “Stop Whining About Turnover And Your Talent Shortage”

Andy Hooper / @onlifeguard – Chief Concept Officer at Cafe Rio Mexican Grill – “The Fallacy Of False Precision: Interviews Are 99.4% Wasted Effort”

Dave Garrison / @GarrisonGrowth – Chief Engagement Officer at Profitable Engagements – “Lose Yourself To Find Yourself: Authentically Curious Leadership”

Anita Grantham / @anitakgran – Chief People Officer at Pluralsight – “Don’t Call Me HR”

Ryan Bott / @salesbott – Head of Channel and Inside Sales at Impartner Software – “No One Dared Do What We Did. Discovering Trust In The Least Likely of Places”

Kari Plaster – CEO of Kindling Potential, LLC – “My Vertical HR Farm”

Alex Shootman / @shootman – CEO of Workfront – “Passion At Work Is Not A Reality Show On Netflix”

Congratulations to DisruptHR Salt Lake City organizers David Alsop / @InterpulseDavid (Founder & Chief Pulse Partner at Interpulse Partners, LLC), Elisa Garn (Recruiter – HR and Administrative Support at PrincePerelson), Aubrey Robison/ @Aubrey_Robison (President / Co-owner Spherion of Idaho Spherion of Boise), Frances Hume (Principal of Hume ‘n Resources Consulting), and Kari Plaster (CEO at Kindling Potential, LLC) on selecting such a great group of speakers for their first sold-out event!

Thanks To DisruptHR Salt Lake City 1.0 Sponsors



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