DisruptHR Raleigh-Durham 3.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Raleigh-DurhamåÊ(NC, USA) will be held on Thursday, October 19, 2017åÊat PSI Theatre and we‰Ûªre excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their third DisruptHR event!

DisruptHR Raleigh-Durham 3.0 Speakers

Tess Ausman / @cltleads ‰ÛÓåÊTalent Development Manager atåÊLendingTree

Your Leadership Training Doesn‰Ûªt Work

Eric Surface / @easphd ‰ÛÓåÊPresident & Principal Scientist atåÊALPS Solutions

“Moving Beyond Training Evaluation Levels: Using Data to Improve Learning and Create Value”

Bucky FairfaxåʉÛÓ Senior Vice President, Strategic Talent Management atåÊRTI

“HR with P&L”

Steve Cooper / @ClassicScoop ‰ÛÓåÊPartner, Co-Founder atåÊExeclla Consulting

“Leadership in the Millenial Age”

Max Alway-TownsendåʉÛÓåÊFounder and CEO at Jobalo

“Students In The Workplace”

Sarah GlovaåʉÛÓåÊFounder and President atåÊReify Media

“Unlimited Vacation: Dare To Try It. Or Else?”

Justin Schaefer / @Resiliencei_US ‰ÛÓåÊPrincipal Owner atåÊResillent Strategies Group

“Change Is Cold Baby: Put On a S.C.A.R.F.”

Kameron Kales / @Kameronkales ‰ÛÓåÊFounder ofåÊGlance AI

“Sourcing Candidates”

Benjamin FarrellåʉÛÓåÊOwner atåÊCustom Benefit Auctions

“Front Desk Revolution”

Suzanne QuentinåʉÛÓåÊSenior Leadership Development Consultant atåÊLeading Initiatives Worldwide

“7 Steps To HR Heaven”

Sarah Morgan / @TheBuzzOnHR ‰ÛÓåÊHR Professional, Practitioner, Blogger and Speaker atåÊTheBuzzonHR

“Getting To Yes Everytime”

Ryan Batchelor / @Ryan_Batchelor ‰ÛÓåÊFounder ofåÊTalentARB

“S&M – Everyone’s Doing It”


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