DisruptHR Pittsburgh 6.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Pittsburgh (PA, USA) will be held on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at The Pittsburgh Improv at The Waterfront and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 6th DisruptHR event!

Kathy Parry — Founder and Owner of Corporate Energy Expert, LLC

“Joy Jolt: Ignite Your Culture with Purpose”

Megan Wollerton — President / Owner of Life Force Wellness LLC

“Praise Junkies: How to End Compliment Addiction”

Jeffrey Weinberg — President / Owner of Caregiver Champion

“Why A Patient Advocate Should Be A Resource on Every Employers’ EAP Program”

Joseph Fetzer — Principal Consultant, Owner of Innovative Organizational Development, LLC

“Leadership as a Developable Skill”

Ashley Senger — Owner of Language Collaborations

“Stop Using a Translator and Start Speaking to Your Employees: How to Navigate Language Diversity in the Workplace”


“Just Admit It – You Hate Pregnant People”

Jon Sarles — President of Elevated Learning, LLC

“Embrace the Suck”

Jennifer Kerrigan — Director of Client Success at ProVerify™ powered by Application Verification, Inc.

“Why AI Isn’t Always the Best Method for Background Screening”

Vince Consoli — Chief Operating Officer at Promark Company

“Be Gumby Dammit”

Chris Antypas — Director of Pharmacy Solutions at Henderson Brothers

“Skip the Line & Reimagine the Pharmacy Supply Chain”

Gabby Popowitz — VP, People & Culture at Birgo Realty

“Come Together: Lessons in Team and Talent Development from the Fab Four”

Rachel Tserkovniak — HR Consultant and Trainer

“The Modern Employee Survey- Using Emojis to get a pulse”

Michelle Buczkowski — Managing Director – Human Resources at Duquesne Light

“Jack Welch Called and He Wants His 9-box Back”

Eric Kizina — HR Generalist at Aires

“Super-Human Resources: Be the Hero You Deserve”


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