DisruptHR Pittsburgh 5.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Pittsburgh (PA, USA) will be held on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, at Pittsburgh Improv and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 5th DisruptHR event!

Phyllis Hartman — President of PGHR CONSULTING, INC

“Are You Brave? If Not, Get Out of HR!”

Lana Ramsey — Talent Development Coordinator at Waldron Private Wealth

“Mentorship & Employee Development”

Tricia Pritchard — Director of Community Employment Development at Butler County Community College

“The Power of the Pause”

Jeremy Farrell — Shareholder at Tucker Arensberg, PC

“Poor Performers, Problem Employees, and Protected Activities”

John Bernatovicz — Founder of Willory

“HR Like a Boss”

Virginia Nemchick — Operations + HR Consultant at Work in Progress Consulting

“Queering Human Resources”

Michele Soltis — Learning Specialist at NielsenIQ

“Old and Disruptive”

George Jaber — Communication Performance Coach at The Old Man and the Say

“The Fear of Speaking in Front”

Ellen Freeman — Managing Partner at Ellen Freeman Immigration Law Group

“Employment Immigration for Dummies”

Kelly Radomski — Vice President, Organizational Strategy at Compass Business Solutions

“Why Is It So Hard to Use Soft Skills?”

Sonia Layne-Gartside — Global Consultant, Author at SoniaGartside.com

“Why HR Needs To Do Much More To Embrace Organizational Agility”

Valerie Bowden — Founder & CEO of CRDLE

“Your Next Employee is in Africa: The 3 Benefits of Hiring Remote Candidates from Emerging Markets”

Paul Meskanick — VP, Learning Solutions at Ingenuiti

“Fixing The Global Learning Disconnect”

Maria Dunn — Principal at Workrite Solutions, LLC

“The Island of Misfits: How to Stop Being an HR Outcast (MAY CHANGE)”

Kip Soteres — Owner of Soteres Consulting

“Success is in the Follow Through: The Titanic Launched Well”

Cynthia Corsetti — Executive Coach and Consultant at Cynthia Corsetti Coaching, LLC

“Beyond The Surface: Unveiling Dark Drivers in Employee Behavior”

Amy Hanna — Coach & Consultant at AhHA!

“Just Shut Up and Do Your Damn Job (And Other Things We Wish We Could Say in the Workplace)”


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