DisruptHR Ottawa 2.0 Speakers Announced!


DisruptHR Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) will be held on September 28, 2016 at the Klondike Room at Adobe, and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their second DisruptHR event!

DisruptHR Ottawa 2.0 Speakers

CHARLES JAMIESON / @JamisonHR – President at Jamieson Human Resource Consulting Ltd. – “UN-Human Resources: That’s Your Goal”

JAMES BAKER / @KeynoteGroup – Managing Partner at Keynote Group – “Recruitment Nirvana On Its Way”

MIKE D’AMICO  / @StratfordMgrsHR – VP of HR & HR Practice Leader at Stratford Managers – “Don’t Guess – Use The Data”

KEVIN JUDGE – President of Ridgehouse Consulting, Inc. – “End the Trail of Misery Abrasive Leaders Leave Behind”

JP MICHEL – Founder of SparkPath – “What Problem Are You Working On?”

LESLIE DRAGON – Director of Marketing at Partners for Mental Health – “Not Myself Today”

ERIC MUELLEJANS / @EricMuellejans – VP of Business Development at AIESEC Ottawa – “How To Leverage International Knowledge To WIN Locally”

ROB FITZEL / @RobFitzel – Senior Software Developer & Enneagram Enthusiast at You.i TV – “A Matter of Perspective”

JOHN PENSOM / @JohnPensom – Co-Founder & CEO of PeopleInsight – “HR – Not Spreadsheets”

RICH MALLOCH / @AvidityCoaching – Executive Coach Avidity Coaching & Leadership Excellence – “Let’s Get The US Back In TrUSt”

KRISTEN HARCOURT / @kristenharcourt – Senior Consultant at The McQuaig Institute – “You Get The Leaders You Deserve”

Congratulations to DisruptHR Ottawa organizers Anne Graham / @annesgraham (President of Syncworks Consulting), Sue Kavagnagh / @SueKavanagh (Strategic Advisor of Payments Canada), Richard Eaton / @RichardEaton (Referral Partner at Career Partners International), and Eric St-Jean / @EricRStJean (CEO & Consultant at CleaHRStrat Consulting, Inc.) on selecting such a great group of speakers!

Thanks To DisruptHR Ottawa 2.0 Sponsors

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