DisruptHR Nottingham 1.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Nottingham (UK) will be held on Thursday, April 11, 2019, at Canalhouse and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 1st DisruptHR event!

Mark Williams@futurlix — Head of Product at People First

“Pep talk: What Manchester City Does Now, That All Workplaces Will Be Doing In 10 Years.”

Emma Maraio / @SorrisoLearning — Business Psychologist at Sorriso Learning and Head of Talent at Littlefish

“How to Make People Happier at Work – Make Them Care Less”

Jeff Weigh / @Jeff_Ignite — Managing Director at Ignite

“Well-Being Through Well-Doing”

Natalie Ellis / @NatalieEllisHR — HR Consultant at AHR Consultants

“In A Time Where “Me Too” Is In The Spotlight, When Is It A Good Time To Talk About Men’s Mental Health?”

Adam Harris / @freshmindset1 — CEO of Fresh Mindset

“Remote Workers – Leading Without Seeing”

Caroline Mabon — Owner of Treasure and Client Engagement Director at Tribe Brand Experts

“Is The Portfolio Career The Future Of Work?”

Andy Davies / @mustard1973 — Head of Global Enablement at People First

“When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?”

Heather DeLand / @HeatherDeLand — Executive Creative Director at TMP Worldwide UK

“How Do You Create An Environment Where Innovation Can Thrive?”

James Blake / @JamesTalkStaff — People Director at Talk Staff

“A Story Of People Success”

Tessa Cooper / @tessacooper5 — People Consultant at Collaborative Futures

“Listening To The Minority”

Matt Davies / @mrmattdavies — Creative Brand Strategy Consultant at Matt Davies Brand Consultancy

“Branding Inside Out”

Rhiannon Stafford / @GrapeTalent — Director and Senior Leadership Development Consultant at Blue Grape Talent

“Why HR Should Be Talking About The Customer Experience”

David Hall / @DavidHallHR — Head of Customer Support at AppInstitute

“Office Smirks, Quirks And Perks”

Katrin Kircheis / @KatinkaKircheis — Social and Blended Learning Specialist at KiKa Training

“Developing Performance Through Collaborative Learning – Share It Like A Polaroid Picture”


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