DisruptHR Halifax 1.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Halifax (NS) will be held on Thursday, September 14, 2023, at Alderney Landing and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 1st DisruptHR event!

Laura Fair — Senior Consultant and Coach at ABOUND Consulting

“Putting the ‘Human’ back in ‘Human Resources’: A Message From an HR Liability”

Marc Gaudet — Entrepreneur, Coach, and Speaker at Tough Monkey Physical Training Ltd.

“Fired Up! Recharging the Brain and the Mental Health Connection”

Sarah Mullins — Founder and Principle Consultant at uptreeHR Inc

“Forget Cultural Fit, Bring on Cultural Add”

Ila Edgar — Founder of Big Change Inc.,Trust guru, podcast co-host Trust on Purpose

“Trust Isn’t a Crapshoot”

Brad Dipalo — Founder and CEO of Candidate Hub

“Revive You ATS – How to Make the Most of Your Existing Candidate Data”

Audra McCreesh — Founder & Senior Consultant at HR I.D.E.A Hub

“Can reassuring your own identity help create sustainable change in your workplace?”

Esteban Sanchez Botero — Senior Marketing Strategist at CareerBeacon

“Let the Music do the Talking”

Nata Kostenko — Senior Service Designer at Nata Kostenko Design

“Would You Rather”

Soumya Markandeya — Transformation Leader and Solutions Designers I Community Facilitator

“Corporate Ladder vs Snakes & Ladders; Unraveling the Lattice: Disrupting Career Progression with Snakes & Ladders”

Laith Chalithodi — Career Coach

“Skills Based Hiring is Where It’s At”


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