DisruptHR Fort Wayne 1.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Fort Wayne (IN, USA) will be held on Thursday, October 26, 2023, at Bergstaff Place and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 1st DisruptHR event!

Tobe Forshtay — Quality of Life Champion at Wake Up and Dream Again

“Dream Manager”

Michael Goldberg — Director of Talent Acquisition at Walkalongside Leader

“The Power of Social Media when Embraced by Leaders”

Whitney Bandemer — Principal at WB Consulting, LLC

“New Managers Don’t Have to Suck”

Charles Kelley — Community Supervision Manager at Marion County Community Corrections

“Lets Get Uncomfortable”

Becky Ragsdale — Owner of Vital HR Solutions LLC

“HR Ethics & Integrity: Staying True to Who You Are!”

Jennifer Altienzo-Fisher — Founder of Evolution to Revolution Consulting

“EQ & You”

Brian Rook — Director of Instructional Design at ESBE

“Letters to Leaders”

Ami Graves — CHRO at bell Techlogix

“Risky HR”

Cheri Hampton-Farmer — CEO of Communicating Matters

“Hello…Can Anyone Hear Me? Disrupting Isolation During a New Hire’s First 90 Days.”

Jack Patton — CEO/Founder of STRE.ME

“Three Steps to Accelerate Acceptance for Better Performance and Productivity”

Elizabeth MacDonald — Owner of The Verbal Edge

“The Power of Words: Disrupting the Accepted Theory That Words Are Only 7% of Communication.”

Jennifer Sandman — Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant at Bowen Center

“Are you a Ghost Buster?”

Andrea Butcher — CEO of HRD

“Training is for Dogs . . . GROWTH is for Leaders: It’s Time to Rethink How We Approach Leadership Development.”

Michelle Gladieux — President of Gladieux Consulting

“Communicate with Courage: Taking Risks to Overcome the Four Hidden Challenges”

Brittni Eiseman — Founding Principal at Stokefire

“Your Rise: From Supportive Role to Strategic Decision Partner”

Gerald Bush — Chief People Strategist at GBKB Consulting

“Overcoming BS in the Workplace!”


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