DisruptHR Fargo 4.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Fargo (ND, USA) will be held on Wednesday, October 16, 2019, at Sanctuary Events Center and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 4th DisruptHR event!

Ben Zietz — Employee Benefits Advisor at Dawson’s Insurance

“Unconcious Bias in Action”

Sarah West — Coach at Light Consulting & Coaching LLC

“Using the “L” Word in the Office”

Jill Steinhaus — Coach at Sagency

“We Need Change! (Wait, I didn’t mean me.)”

Ben Hanson — Writer at Mr. Full-Time Dad

“How Quitting my job made me a better person.”

Jess Almlie — VP of Learning Experience at Discovery Benefits

“Stop Training your people.”

Jay Peltier — President of Dale Carnegie

“Transition, Trust, and True Grit”

Jeremy Ostrowski — Organizational Effectiveness at Aldevron

“Embracing the Job Hopper”

Annie Wood — Associate Director for Student Life at MSUM

“Weirdness is our Super Power”

Nicole Turchin — Co-creator of Sunshine & 79

“Shattering the Remote Work Bias: It’s Not Watching the Real Housewives, Cocktails & Napping”

Patrick Metzger — Coach, Speaker, & Consultant at Patrick Metzger Coaching

“Focusing on Personal Development for High Performance”

Kellie Fritz — VP Human Resources at TrueNorth Steel

“Breaking the Morning Bias”

Scott Bintz — CEO of Red Headed Rebel

“Killing Culture Status Quo”

Christina Lindseth — Cognizant

“LGBTQ+; Don’t Fence Us In”


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