DisruptHR Edmonton 6.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Edmonton (AB) will be held on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at Italian Cultural Society and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 6th DisruptHR event!

Brianna Madron / @briannamadron — HR Coordinator at Stoppler Hughes

“I Can Do More Than Your Coffee Run”

Terri Davis@profoundtalent — Founder, President & CEO of ProFound Talent Inc.

“The “How” Behind Market Disruption”

John Brix — Consultant at BSI Group

“The Power of Don’t”

Danielle Strang — Head of People Operations at Jobber

To Be Announced

Dr. Ganz@AskDrGanz — Owner of AskDrGanz.com

“What Men Don’t Know About Productivity And Success That’s Killing Them!”

Gill Knuckey — Human Resource Manager at Argus Machine

“Do Your Company Values Help You Take Out the Trash?”

Diane Luzny — Founder of InnovAID Inc.

“For Your Company’s Good: Prep to Hire An Autistic Person.”

Stacey Rodgers — Program Manager Leadership Effectiveness at WestJet

“Everything I Know About Recognition I Learned From a Children’s Book”

Sasha Anderson — Founder of Capiche…Human Leadership

“Multiple Personality Assessment Syndrome”

Luke Gass@TopRecruiterCo — Co-Founder of Top Recruiter Inc.

“88 and Sexy: Leveraging the Gig Economy To Recruit”

Cheryl Whitelaw — Principal at Kind Power Coaching and Consulting

“We Work At Fear Inc.”

Litzy Baeza@baeza_litzy — Intercultural/Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at Litzy Baeza

“Why Cultural Intelligence Matters, Even If You Never Leave The Workplace!”


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