DisruptHR Edmonton 2.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Edmonton (Alberta) will be held on March 8, 2017 on the 10th floor of The Stantec Building, and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their third DisruptHR event!

DisruptHR Edmonton 2.0 Speakers

Corinne Allen / @allen_corinne – Leadership Performance Coach at Evolution Coaching Services – “Change Your Language… Change Your World!”

Will van Middendorp / @NextInt – Introduction Expert at 1010 Recruitment – “DATA: Digital Age Talent Acquisition”

Dr. Marvin Washington / @Marvin_Bus_Doc – Professor at University of Alberta School of Business – “Jail Theory of Leadership”

Jennifer Kluthe / @jenkluthe – Director, Global Talent and Organizational Development at Stantec – TBA

Claudia Verburgh, CMC, CPHR – Founder & Principal Consultant at Engaging Workplaces – “Toxic Bosses”

Julie Elford / @VentureWellness – Catalyst for Healthy Change in the Workplace at Venture Wellness – TBA

Michelle Nieviadomy / @Mmmmockstar – Assistant Director, Youth Coordinator at Edmonton Native Healing Centre – TBA

Jesse Lipscombe / @thelipscombe – Actor, producer, entrepreneur and co-founder the #Makeiawkward campaign. at WEVIVE INC. – TBA

LauraLee Ross, D.I.D., LEED®AP / @girlincalgary – Workplace Specialist & Market Manager at Teknion – “Sustainable Humans: What If You Could Leave Work Healthier Than When You Got There?”

Amanda Knight / @AmanKnightEQ – Senior Manager, Talent & Culture at McCoy Global – “Don’t Box Me In”

Lincoln Brierley – Employment Placement Specialist at Forces @ WORK – “I Hate Your Applicant Tracking System – And You Should Too”

Corey Allard / @2changeyourgame – Founder of Change Your Game Corp. – “Shut Up & Listen: Everyone Is A Salesperson”

Allie Knull, RPR / @allieknull – Recruiter at River City Recruiting Inc. – “Why You Should Never Date Recruiters”

Congratulations to DisruptHR Edmonton organizers Joy Monsma / @TeneoConsulting (Founder of Teneo Consulting, Inc.), Dina Grskovich / @DMGStrategy (Strategic Consultant at DMG Business Strategy) and Monique DeVries (Exec Asst Extraordinaire at ATB Financial) for selecting such a great group of speakers for their second DisruptHR Edmonton event!

Thanks to DisruptHR Edmonton 2.0 Sponsors

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