DisruptHR Edmonton 10.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Edmonton (AB, Canada) will be held on Wednesday, November 22, 2023, at Polish Hall and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 10th DisruptHR event!

Jeff Tetz Chief — Executive Officer at Results

“Cultural Chemistry: The Surprising Truth About Forming Teams That Click”

Jackson Fisk — Founder of Goal Zero

“They Make a Dollar. I Make a Dime. That’s Why I Poop on Company Time.”

Debbie Bridge — People & Culture Consultant at Involvi

“End the Blame Game and Embrace Self-Leadership”

Chantel Butt — Founder & CEO of Covalency Coaching & Consulting

“Leadership Development for All: Disrupting the Present to Protect our Future”

Keomi Grad — Leadership Advisor at Alder Group

“Stop Calling Bullies High Performers”

Alex (Dinu Alex) — Chief Disrupter & Principal iLEAD Strategist at Next Evolution Ventures and Step Up Leadership Excellence

“Do I Need to be WHITE to be a Leader – Myth or Reality?”

Heather Collier — Lead Strategist at Canadian Equality Consulting

“Living by the Golden Rule is Creating Exclusions in Your Workplace: Platinum is the Way Forward”

Trina McCarroll — Executive Advisor & Facilitator at Hello Courage

“Humanizing Strategic Planning”

Andrea Guedo — Workplace Restoration Lead at City of Edmonton

“When things go wrong…”

Janet Waltho — Workplace Restoration Consultant at City of Edmonton

To Be Announced

Maria Drueco — Inclusion and Equity Catalyst at The Inclusion Journey Consulting

“Unhiding Perspectives for Better Decisions – Are You Wearing the Right Leadership Lens?”

Lana Walsh — Sleep Coach and International Speaker at Lana Walsh Coaching

“Wake Up Call: The Unseen Impact of Sleep Deprivation”

Matt Devine — Co-Founder of 7in7

“Human Transformation – The Power of Purpose and the Human Spirit”

Crystal Bowen — CEO and Neuroinclusion Learning Specialist at Delta Learning Solutions Inc.

“Neurodiversity: You Don’t Know What You Think You Know”

Amanda Knight — Founder & CEO of Amanda Knight Consulting

“Introverted Leadership: The New Charisma”

Fia-Lynn Crandall — Co-Founder and CEO of Scale Naturally Inc

“Normal” is Broken: Embrace Nature’s Model for a Thriving Workplace”


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