DisruptHR Denver 16.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Denver (CO, USA) will be held on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at Mile High Station and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 16th DisruptHR event!

Jana Sanchez — Chief Alchemist at Alchemy With Words

“Why You Need to Hire a Theatre Major”

Kendra Haberkorn — Fractional Chief People Officer at Startup Consulting

“Get Real! Should We Move Beyond At Will!”

Anita Roach — Chief Illuminator at i.d.lumination and Encapture Consulting

“Shining a Light on the Power of our Humanness”

Molly Woodhull — Founder and CEO of Woodhull Wellness

“Realistic Self-Care and Micropractiices”

Tim Jones — Executive Director & Consultant at Longer Tables

“Pass the Peas”

Kylie Dunkley — Chief Design Officer & Co-founder of Allboarder

“Are You Reallky Firing Me?”

Cynthia Forstmann — Co-founder and Partner at CultureTalk

“5 Steps to Turn Culturer into a Tangible Asset”

A.J. Pape — Founder of Impact Leadership Network

“Why Being Real Isn’t Enough”

Dave Needham — People Ops Exec at Ohos

“What I Learned About Depresssion…and Why it Wears a Smile”

Tayler Burg — Regional Human Resources Manager at Novae LLC

“The Power of Words”

Matthew Hellrung — Co-founder & Managing Partner at Meltzer Hellrung

“Immigration Strategies to Solve Core Talent Acquisition Needs”

AJ Lauer — Owner of Thriving Ibis Leadership Solutions

“Monsters Can Be Heroes – An Imposter Syndrom Reframe”


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