DisruptHR Colorado Springs 5.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Colorado Springs (CO, USA) will be held on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at The Pinery at the Hill and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 5th DisruptHR event!

Nora Burns Chief — Curiosity Officer at The Leadership Experts

“Undercover Candidate”

Parissa Behnia — Business Whisperer at Sixense Strategy

“The Future Steve Jobs You’ll Never Meet”

Rebecca Hawkins — CEO/Employment Experience Consultant at Regenerative Workplaces

“Get Off The $%@# Hamster Wheel!”

Jennifer Yugo — Managing Director, Owner of Corvirtus Inc.

“Replace Resilience”

MelindaJoy Mingo — Professor/Entrepreneur at Significant Life Change

“Belonging in the Workplace”

Samuel Long — HR Support Specialist at CU Anschutz Dept. of Surgery

“Synthetic Empathy”

Frank Sinclair — Chief Encouragement Officer at Dream Again LLC

“Connection Cornerstone”

Danette Shaifer — Founder and Learning Strategist at Florishion Consulting and Coaching LLC

“Toxic Positivity ≠ Optimism”

Andrew Sherwood — Sr. HRBP at City of Colorado Springs

“Poised for Change”

Brother Luck — Chef, Restaurant Owner, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker at Brother Luck

“You’re Only as Good as Your Day Off”

Dr. Tara Alexander — CEO of Connected Paths Coaching, LLC

“Quench The Burn”

Jason Regier — Executive/Leadership Coach at Spellbynder

“The Leadership Squeeze”

Tamara Moore — International Partner at Conscious Business Institute

“Trauma Informed Leadership”

Wendy Mack — Vice President of Newmeasures, LLC



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