DisruptHR Charlotte 1.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Charlotte (North Carolina, USA) will be held on April 5, 2017 at the Charlotte Knights Baseball Stadium, and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their first DisruptHR event!

DisruptHR Charlotte 1.0 Speakers

Mick Marlier / @mickmarlier – Strategic Adviser at ADP

“Big Data: Is It Good, Or Is It Whack?”

Technology has advanced so rapidly that every company is sitting on a treasure trove when it comes to employee data. The problem is most companies have no idea how to access or harness the data at their fingertips. This talk will share HR strategies for leveraging Big Data, analytics, and advanced reporting to drive change and impact the bottom line.

Justin Schaefer / @Resiliencei_US – Owner, Accredited Practitioner & Partner at The Resilience Institute – US, LLC

“HOOYAH! Touchdowns & ‘Winning the Day’ In Corporate America”

What can Navy SEALS, NFL football players, and elite UFC athletes teach corporate America about performance? Leaders can leverage bio-hacks from neuro, physical and emotional science to create elite teams and organizations. Using the strategies and tactics of elite military leaders and world-class athletes, we’ll discuss how to achieve new heights in performance. HOOYAH!
justin.schaefer@resiliencei.com linkedin.com/in/justinlschaefer

Bianca Capo / @CapoIntegrated – Founder, Principal Coach & Facilitator at Capo Integrated Strengths Companies

“Strengths And A Bud”

What are “talents themes” saying to each other after work, and over a drink? This talk will “act out” a conversation of how Talent Themes (like Responsibility, Achiever, Relator, Activator, Strategic, etc.) reveal their level of engagement at work at the local pub. Using Strengths-based development, leaders will learn how to coach people’s talents, and drive performance through an entire organization!

Tristan Bandoni – Director of Talent Acquisition at Torrent Consulting

“Hire Strategy For Higher Growth”

Building a referral culture, creating advocates in the community by sharing your story, and transforming the interview process into an engaging “experience” yields awesome results for organizations. The question becomes how do you execute that process? In this talk, we’ll unpack how core values help assess candidates, how gamification can evaluate talent at-scale and why group interviews eliminate bottlenecks in the recruitment process. You don’t have to be Google or Apple to be cutting edge in talent acquisition!

Patrick Thean / @pthean – CEO of Rhythm Systems

“Think Like a CEO”

Don’t get us wrong, CEOs care about culture, wellness programs and employee benefits, but what we are really looking at is the bottom line: how are we maximizing our current talent base to get the greatest impact on the company? The future of HR is going to be about maximizing talent the talent you have.

Tess Ausman / @CLTleads – Talent Development Manager at Lending Tree

“Employees Aren’t Prey”

“Fish are friends, not food.” Bruce the shark in Finding Nemo was on to something. Why do leaders treat their employees as prey? Throwing them under the bus, stealing credit, putting surprise feedback on a performance review. This talk will examine the moments that are pivotal to a leader not treating their employee as prey.

Nadia Campbell – Assistant Director of the Center for Leadership Development at UNCC

“E.P.I.C. Failures”

“Fallor Ergo Sum.” We are human and at some points [or many] in our lives, we will fail. Failure can embarrass us to the point of devastation. This talk will allow us to explore the steps of analyzing our failures and teach us to craft appropriate responses for those involved.

Ashely Lesko – President of Square Peg Solutions

“What Dogs, Kids & Employees Have In Common”

Dogs, Kids and employees actually have a lot in common ( as the question I throw out to the audience will get anything from love to bathroom breaks!) – but they also want AND need one key thing – consistency. DO what you say. Say what you do. This brings a different viewpoint to a simply concept that is overlooked every day.

Chad Norman / @chadnorman – CMO of Catch Talent

“Your Employer Brand IS Your Brand”

Use every stage of the candidate lifecycle to attract talent, from careers webpages to culture-infused job descriptions, from employee referral campaigns to reputation management strategies, from on-boarding to thought leadership. When you harness the power of the Talent Attraction Lifecycle, your business not only attracts the candidates you’re looking for, but also the customers who want to work with them.

April Simpkins / @April_TheHRLady – President of HRS&S Consulting, Inc.

“Yearbook Photo Required – What High School Reunions Teach Us About Engagement”

The parallels between the all-American high school reunion and employee engagement will have you laughing while you reminisce about the days of old. From the teachers who attend the reunion (why?), to the clique-y committee that planned the entire event, the many similarities between reunion attendees and employees is sure to strike a chord in your human capital planning. This presentation will leave you with several quick tips on how to improve engagement strategies and further progress in your company.

John Eades / @johngeades – President of Learn Loft

“Love vs Discipline: A Case Study Of Modern Leadership”

Learn how the best leaders balance love and discipline in real time. Drawing on employee surveying, lessons learned in leadership and Clemson football, this talk will reveal how to instill “love” into leading others at work.

Mike Sullivan / @DigitalSully – Chief Growth Officer at OneDigital

“Convergence & Connectivity – Human Capital & Benefits Advisory + Software”

There is a convergence taking place in the SMB marketplace of employee benefits and human capital advisors, as well as software firms to integrate solutions and drive greater levels of efficiency and value to the small and mid-sized employer segment. Acquisitions, investments and strategic partnerships are changing the landscape of solutions being presented to employers. This talk will create a conceptual framework for employers to make more informed decisions.


Congratulations to DisruptHR Charlotte organizers Skye Graham / @ConradSkye (Strategic Partner Development at ADP), Lisa Hathaway / @HathawayLA (Sales Executive at ADP), Jessica Vicknair / @JLaw0521 (Major Accounts District Manager and ADP), Patrick Mieritz / @PatrickMieritz (Consultant at Gallup), and Melody Barrows / @melody_barrows (Account Executive at OneDigital Health & Benefits) for selecting such a great group of speakers for the first DisruptHR Charlotte event!

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