Using Design Research To Put The Human In HR | Kevin Wick | DisruptHR Talks

Using Design Research To Put The Human In HR | Kevin Wick | DisruptHR Talks

Using Design Research To Put The Human In HR – a DisruptHR talk by Kevin Wick – Creative Director at frog

DisruptHR Vancouver 1 – November 4, 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia. #DisruptHRYVR

The dynamic between management and labor is also changing. For example, Uber gives out data to its drivers, and the data gives them control. In the future, not only will the low wage workers – like those who work at Uber – have this information, but also the high wage earners – the Professionals. In the future, we’ll all become Precariats – people who choose where they want to work.

In the future, business leaders will need to focus on helping Precariats choose to want to work for their companies. How do we do that? Employee engagement is the key, and by using a a tool called Design Research, we can increase our employee engagement.

What is Design Research?

It’s about gaining empathy and understanding, and using that information to make better products, services, and processes.

Step 1: Meet with people one on one. Go to where they work and look around. See how they interact with the workplace.
Step 2: Listen for their stories/help them tell stories about their work.
Step 3: Note their values, motivations, behaviors and relationships.

Write all of your notes on post-its and then group your observations to find insights. Use these insights to define principals to align and accelerate decisions.

Once you have your insights and principals, get that information into the heads of your decision-makers. Update your HR processes and internal tools. By using these insights and principals, you’ll define and change your culture. By doing this, you’ll help Precariats to choose your company as a place they want to work, and create a better experience for all of your employees.