Meet The Disruptors: Steve Browne of DisruptHR Cincinnati

Steve Browne

Who are the people that are taking the lead in disrupting the future of work?

They’re the official Disruptors (Organizers) of DisruptHR events held in cities around the world.

Each week, we’ll introduce you to one of these intelligent, inspiring, and beautiful people (okay, pick two) who have stepped up, and volunteered to organize a Disrupt HR event in their city.

Meet Steve Browne – DisruptHR Cincinnati (Disruptor #3)

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Who are you, and what do you do in your “day job”?

Steve Browne – Executive Director of Human Resources at LaRosa’s, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio.

How did you first hear about DisruptHR?

I was in on the first DisruptHR event in Cincinnati, along with Jennifer McClure and Chris Ostoich.

Why did you decide to raise your hand and become an organizer for DisruptHR events in Cincinnati?

I thought, and still do, that looking at HR traditionally needed to change and evolve.

There has to be a way to reach people in a more concise, energetic and impactful way. Giving folks an alternative to the 1-hour sit down lecture was needed. More life needed to be brought to the field !!

How many events have you organized?

I was at the “founding” Disrupt HR event in December 2013, and we had around 200 folks. Our second event also had around 200.

What types of people attended your event?

We had a broad mix of people come to our events – from HR practitioners, HR vendors, local politicians, businesspeople from all types of industries, and even some out-of-town HR-related social media folks.

What are you most proud of in regards to being involved with DisruptHR events?

I loved being a part of the kick-off of the DisruptHR movement.

The response was huge, and now it’s growing globally. People want to connect in meaningful forums, and I think we established that from the beginning of DisruptHR.

What kind of feedback did you receive from those who attended the DisruptHR Cincinnati events?

People love the energy and edginess of DisruptHR events. They like to see content delivered in a more intentional way. The response at the events is palpable – and I dig that !!

What is your favorite DisruptHR Talk, and why?

I’ve liked talks from all of the events I’ve seen posted. I gravitate to the Social Media HR folks because they tend to be boundary stretchers.

I like to see presentations that bring topics in from different perspectives and that run contrary to the norm.

Based off of the Talks and conversations at your events, what do you feel are the areas with the biggest opportunity for disruption?

We’ve just started to crack the ice on HR. Honestly, we’re just chipping the edges. It’s a field that continues to operate in a vacuum – either organizationally or as individuals.

There’s a great opportunity to continue to invite people in and to grow the global HR community. The more people we gather, the more we’ll see disruption move from these venues back inside organizations where it’s desperately needed !!

What excites you or frustrates you about the future of work, your career and/or DisruptHR?

I continue to love HR and want to see it evolve in movements like this. The field needs to embrace the human factor of who we are and what we do more tangibly. People are looking for HR to provide new horizons for people to perform and drive companies forward. We are the connectors and bridge builders that can make this happen.

I also want to see HR people own the field they’re in, and quit apologizing for being in Human Resources. It’s a phenomenal industry because you have the opportunity to touch people’s lives in a meaningful way.

Who doesn’t want that ??

DisruptHR Cincinnati (#DisruptHRCincy) will be back in early 2017 with their next event!

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