DisruptHR Nottingham 2.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Nottingham (UK) will be held on Thursday, September 19, 2019, at Canalhouse and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their 2nd DisruptHR event!

Andy Walsh / @huskies_2 — Business Owner of 2Huskies

“The problem with L&D”

Laura Timms@LauraTimms1 — Product Manager at MHR Analytics

“People analytics: The value of putting your employee data in the driving seat”

Ben Gallacher — Managing Director at inrehearsal

“How to embed a video learning culture”

Leanne Hagues — People Director at Blue Castle Group

“Mental health first aid for all! Building a mentally healthy community”

Rob Day@Blueprint_Int — Chairman & Founder of Blueprint Interiors

“Designing the perfect office environment”

Sharon Bartlett@DevelopmentShed — Head of Solutions at The Development Shed

“Creating a happy, high performing culture without a google-sized budget”

Hiten Bhatt — CEO of The Leadership Adventure

“How can we make leadership work for modern work?”

Mark Williams@futurlix — Senior Vice President – Product at People First

“Love + sex with robots”

Hannah Rogers — Consultant at Work Matters

“Reimainaging organisations as communities”

Lee Bown@recartrecruit — Managing Director at Recart

“Why you don’t do what you think you want to do”

Louise Hallam / Founder & Owner of Still Calm & Holistic Wellbeing Network

“Achieving success with ease”

Richie Maddock@RichieMaddock — Founder & Director at Lynchpin & Associates

“Unwritten ground rules – have they become your elephant?”

Anika Vassell@TeenBehaviorist — Working-Parent Productivity & Wellbeing Consultant at Teen-Behaviour.com

“How hard are teenagers hitting your bottom line?”

Tim Elliott@TimElliottUK — Head of Marketing at Business Central

“Businesses, cities and ecosystems”

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