DisruptHR Hampton Roads 2.0 Speakers Announced!

DisruptHR Hampton Roads (Virginia, USA) will be held on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and we’re excited to announce an awesome lineup of speakers for their second DisruptHR event!

DisruptHR Hampton Roads 2.0 Speakers

Shelley Smith / @premierrapport — CEO at Premier Rapport

“#OverIt – Culture Code”

Elizabeth Veliz / @eli_velizsphr — VP of HR at Faneuil

“Giving Employees the F Word – the Right Way”

Scott Parks — President at Care Team Health

“Employers and The Golden Rule: How Employers Can Transform Healthcare”

Helen Gabay — HR Business Outsourcing Consultant at ADP

“Human Capital Management Trends 2.0”

Seth Stone / @drsethstone — EVP at Insight Financial Academy

“Good, Better, Best: Your Employee Road Map at 1 yr, 3 yr and 5 yrs”

Timothy Johnston — Founder at Norge Dental Care

“Hearing Colors, and Other Ways to Listen to Your Team”

Early Jackson / @Mr_Empowerment — Lead Life Coach at Jackson Consulting

“Navigating Cultural Waves”

Cherese Jackson / @I_Mpower — Empowerment Specialist at Jackson Consulting

“The Hidden Beauty of Conflict”

Tawanda Johnson / @rklresources — President at RKL Resources

“Don’t Be Scared, Address the D@!n Elephant in the Room”

Zack Miller@zackmiller84 — Founder at The Hatch

“Culture Shock: Creating an Environent Bot Your Team and Your Customers Rave About”

Kathy Eckhardt — Personal & Business Success Coach at 6 Figure Success

“Break Through to Genius”

Thanks to DisruptHR Hampton Roads 2.0 Sponsors

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